Silver – Annual Registration

$79 Annual Registration includes –

Silver Smoke Alarm Registration Features

  • Unlimited visits during the registration period.
    This includes each time a new tenancy agreement is signed.
  • Free replacement 9 volt batteries.
  • Free replacement of existing out of date or faulty 9 volt smoke alarms.
    If an existing 240 volt smoke alarm is out of date or tests faulty and a replacement is required, our qualified electrician, while still on site will supply and install a new smoke alarm using existing wiring at the heavily discounted rate of $68 per alarm , usually an electricians fee is upwards of $130
    Note: If an alarm has been removed or tampered with by a tenant a charge will be incurred. This charge can be passed onto the tenant at a cost of:
    $22 for each 9 volt Photo-Electric Alarm
    $68 for each 240 volt Photo-Electric Alarm
  • Free safety switch visual inspection recorded on the Compliance Certificate
  • Safety Switch testing if required or asked.
    Important: Safety switch testing will be conducted by our qualified electricians. A qualified electrician is required as a proper safety switch test is more than pressing a test button on the actual safety switch. To test properly an earth leakage test must be carried out at the power point and must be conducted by a qualified electrician using specialist equipment.
  • If requested Major Compliance can supply photos of the test metre readings.
  • Form 9’s sent to tenants and liaised/verified with office when a property is due for an inspection.
  • Key pickup arranged with office.
  • Compliance Certificates are forwarded to the office.
Major Compliance