About Major Compliance Smoke Alarm Service

About Major Compliance


If you’re not happy with your current Smoke Alarm Compliance service, try us we’re here to take the worry and frustration out of arranging, servicing, and reporting on your property.We’re your local South East Queensland business and have been here since 2009. We can take over your existing Annual Agreement with the other company and provide our service for you TODAY. Deal direct with the guy who runs and owns this business.

Property compliance and safety is dependent on quality product.


Consider this!


What smoke alarm and battery has your current major national smoke alarm servicing company installed in your property?

Where were they manufactured and by whom?Some of Australia’s largest smoke alarm servicing businesses use their own brand of batteries and smoke alarms. Great for them – it is really cheap. Cheap means more profit for them. Cheap rarely means quality.

Major Compliance does not import/manufacture smoke alarms or batteries. We use quality products which are supplied by Australia’s leading trusted companies while ensuring our pricing remains competitive.

We are electricians and service professionals not manufacturers. Our job is to install and service. We are dedicated in ensuring your properties smoke alarms, safety switches and corded windows are compliant to governmental requirements.


For complete Safety and protection

Installation of 240 volts Photo-Electric Interconnected Smoke Alarms throughout your premises.
Every bedroom, hallway, top and bottom of stairs.
Safety switches on every circuit – including lighting and power circuits.

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Major Compliance